Monday, April 25, 2011

World, meet my recipes!

I have been keeping track of my recipes on my computer for at least the past six years. I just counted, and there are more than 150 recipes in my computer recipe file that I've made and modified, some of which are pretty awesome.

When I make a dish for the first time, I research different recipes and usually come up with a hybrid of recipes I've found on the internet and in cookbooks. I add my favorite ingredients, amp up the seasoning (I'm from Louisiana--I crave flavor!) and maybe try to add more vegetables or something. You get the picture. Each time I make a dish, I try to improve it, and I record the results.

Rather than continue to tweak away in private, I decided it would be fun to share the process with the internet. Stay tuned while I share my backlog of recipes and try out new dishes!

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