Saturday, November 26, 2011

Three Ingredient Creamed Spinach

This is my favorite creamed spinach. It's from my mom, who loves easy recipes. It is a staple side dish in my house, and I often bring this to Glutenless Goddess's Thanksgiving potluck.

I have also been known to eat this as a spinach dip. Just serve with pita chips, Triscuits, or crusty bread. You can add some artichoke hearts and sprinkle some cheese on top if you want to get fancier with your dip. My spinach and artichoke pasta is essentially just this creamed spinach plus artichokes and cheese on pasta.

Three Ingredient Creamed Spinach
about 2 lb frozen chopped spinach
1 8 oz block low fat cream cheese (neufchatel)
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
season with whatever you like: salt, pepper, etc. I like to do 1/2 t garlic powder and 1 t Tony Chachere's

Defrost and heat spinach in the microwave, about 8 minutes, stirring partway through. Drain liquid, and stir in remaining ingredients. It takes a bit of effort to get the cream cheese to incorporate. Just stir it in a bit and microwave for 2 more minutes to soften. Stir again until everything is incorporated.


  1. I made this for a party last night. I added the mandatory Louisiana holiday ingredient of French fried onions. Then we forgot to bring the crackers, so we stuck a spoon in it and everyone enjoyed it as a spinach side dish!

  2. I make this stuff for snack. I would have never thought I'd eat spinach as a snack...