Friday, April 11, 2014

Three ingredient "cocktails"

Who loves super easy cocktails? Cocktails so simple it seems wrong to call them cocktails? Cocktails that only entail opening a can of soda, pouring a shot, and adding a spritz of lemon or lime? That kind of lazy booze is my specialty!

My husband and I are hardcore beer snobs. We even brew our own. But when he's on low carb, he needs another option. Sometimes I'll have one of these instead of dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. I know, so healthy and wholesome, right?

You're probably thinking Jack and Coke, right? There are some great lesser-known mixer options in the soda aisle of your grocery store that you're not taking advantage of. My favorite lazy mixers are Fresca, ginger ale, and club soda/seltzer.

Tequila Fresca (dubbed the Dirty Margarita by my BFF Glutenless Goddess)
Fresca is the number 1 most underrated mixer in your grocery store. Mixed with tequila and lime, it tastes like a perfect margarita with a splash of grapefruit. It's basically a diet paloma.
1 shot tequila (Sauza Gold, baby!)
1/2 can Fresca
splash lime

Gin Fresca
1 shot gin (New Amsterdam is my favorite mid-priced option)
1/2 can Fresca
splash lime

The Gin Gin
My current fave; a little spicy, a little fragrant, a little sweet
1 shot gin
1/2 can ginger ale (diet or not, your choice)
splash lemon

The Whiskey Ginger
1 shot whiskey (I like a local Oregon one, 4 Spirits)
1/2 can ginger ale
splash lemon

Lime Rickey
This one is really refreshing on a hot day
1 shot gin or vodka
1/2 can club soda or seltzer
splash lime

What are your favorite lazy cocktails?

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