Monday, April 25, 2016

The Perfect Recipe Project is 5 years old today!

Happy birthday to my blog! I started this blog five years ago with the goal of documenting my recipe experiments for replicability and for the internet to enjoy! Five years and more than 73,000 views later, I'm still true to my cooking philosophy: perfect recipes are creative, simple, healthy, inexpensive, and delicious. 

Although I may not post frequently, the 182 recipes I've already posted should keep any visitor to my blog busy for a while. The truth is, my recipe collection has almost reached saturation. I mostly cook recipes that are already posted. You can see my favorites here. When I develop a new staple, every now and then, I'll post it. 

For nostalgia's sake, here is a link to my very first recipe post, Brown Rice Jambalaya. I've served it more times than I can count since first posting it, and it's been the centerpiece of many get-togethers.

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